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 Here we will be it “Doing it Doggie Style”,  a phrase that has already raised a few eyebrows, but I don’t care.  I am here to do just that, raise some eyebrows, have too much fun, things that always get me into trouble.  I stay out of trouble now, mostly.

So this site is dedicated to my favorite besties Koa & Happy their the reason for all this and they thought I should share this with all of you. See how great the are, they really are a girls best friends.  They get me.

This is more than me though this is about you and people like you. You know who you are  because  there is no denying how much you love your pet. Right?

It shows in everything you do. 

You post your favorite pet pictures all over social media, dressed up in Halloween costumes, pictures with Santa, even pictures while on vacation, your vacation. 

Oh but wait there is more…                                                                                                                                                      

While some pets have a large wardrobe most all have a few items of choice, a jacket, t-shirt, or maybe a bandana that they rock. You might have a bed in every room for your little darling like I do or maybe they just sleep in your bed, my littlest one does that.

Let us not forget the toys that cover the floor so well you would think a toddler lives with you. Toys that you carefully and thoughtfully picked out only to find chewed to pieces before the day ends.

You most likely have Doggie Day Care on speed dial and you have your Vets number memorized. So how am I doing ? And I am just getting started but you know it to be true.

Your pet is more than a companion, to get right to the point (no fluff here) your pet is family mine too. Last name and all, so there it is that seals the deal in my book.

I have always loved animals, and the feeling is mutual animals love me too. I have always had this sixth sense when it comes to animals.

A connection that goes deeper than most.

It is easy for me to know what they want and I feel like they just get me.  

My experience includes raising and training more than my share of pets mostly dogs but  also; 2 ponies, 2 turtles, 2 iguanas, 1 water dragon, 1 rabbit, assorted fish and even some tough old dogs that were said to be too old to learn new tricks, but they learned and showed those doubters a thing or two.

When it comes to training, I believe it is all in the manner you do it in and I prefer the lots of love and patience method.

My pets have always been well mannered, gentle tempered, and spoiled in every way shape and form.

As a pet owner, it becomes your responsibility for the care and education of yourself first on behalf of your pet and then again education for your pet.  

You do not just wake up knowing all about what it takes to be a good pet owner. It takes time and mistakes will be made, we all make mistakes but your pet has no one else but you to rely on and so take and make your pets needs very serious. Their life depends on you.

The love and care you give them will come back to you in ways you do not even know in the beginning. Every pet is different in many ways but the same in one way how they love to please you.

If you are struggling with a new pet you just got from the shelter or a new puppy, remember that all they want is you to be happy.

It is your job to guide and teach them how they can do that.  There are many ways to learn and this site is an outlet I share with you. All my best tips and insight on pet care are right here, it is not rocket science and a lot is common knowledge if you have had a pet or two you already know a lot, probably more than you think you do.

This is NOT a substitution for your veterinarian but it is a resource for you.

You are going to find a lot of sound ideas, some good old fashion remedies as well as some DIY pet comforts and training methods that you are going to enjoy showing off to all. Feel free to brag away…

So jump in anywhere that calls to you.

I have listed a brief description of the categories to choose from and if need be I will add more categories, but these are them for now.

Petlove101 Categories

Bark Box – The bark box is where you will find questions I received that I feel can help more pets and people by sharing. 

Nothing personal is shared just the details and possibly the type of pet all names are changed and nothing is disclosed for your safety.    

Feel free to submit a question you have and we will post new questions and answers  in the order received and post bi-weekly.                                                                

Eats & Treats – Here you will find doggie diet information and yummy tasty treat ideas and recipes.

Holistic Health – Holistic remedies that can be used for your pet. Tried and trusted methods for many common ailments your pet may get.

(As with anything use caution and always use the correct amount for your pet.)

Lessons Learned – Here you will find basic training methods you can use right away and when you are ready check out the more advanced lessons. 

Pet Care 101 — From basic first aid for your pet to keeping those ears clean is what you will find here.

Z-Dog House — A variety of post topics that are too good to leave out but not enough to add another category. Be sure to peak here every so often.


I also have some older posts that I have included because they share a lot about my best dogs, Koa and Happy and me.  

They and you are why I started this site. So jump in and get delivered to you the best tried and true pet care methods that a life time of being a pet owner can offer.

But there is more…

Do you love freebies? I know I do and so freebies you will find in most posts. I will then add them to a member’s only download page that will include all posted freebies as well as some others goodies I think you will like.

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Thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you soon.

 Koa & Happy